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Baden-Baden - Roman-Irish bath

When Friedrichsbad first opened its doors in 1877, people must have been curious about the Roman-Irish bath since the Romans never went to Ireland. How then could this extremely soothing, beneficial and now world-renowned combination ever come to be? It was Dr. Barter, an Irish physician, who so harmoniously combined the Roman approach (various types of warm thermal baths) with the traditional Irish technique (Lot air Laths).

This unique blend of the two bathing cultures, complemented by Baden-Baden’s hot springs, has brought forth a deliciously soothing combination of hot air, thermal steam and exercise baths, which make Friedrichsbad so distinctive - and indeed, unique the world over.

Experience sheer bathing bliss in an invigorating 16 step ritual. The changing temperatures and varying baths, with their precious thermal waters, guarantee a feeling of total relaxation.

The historical tradition in architecture and the individual wellness stations are first experienced by men and women separately before coming together in the large domed hall. On the days designated for mixed bathing, men and women can experience the steam bath and the various other baths together.

For over a century, the Roman-Irish baths have been used to treat chronic disorders, such as arthritis or rheumatism of the joints, among others. Vegetative circulatory disorders, chronic bronchitis, paranasal sinus problems, obesity and various glandular disorders can also be beneficially influenced.