Travel from West to East, from the Azores to Turkey, and discover the world of therapeutic Water Culture.

In the United States alternative medicine is a multi billion-dollar industry. However, the healing powers of thermal waters have remained largely unnoticed.

In Europe, mineral springs and thermal waters have been used medicinally for centuries. These healing waters have stood the test of time, not only for their safety but also for their proven ability to treat a variety of ailments.

In a series of programs we take the viewer to over 20 countries, and more than 50 prominent locations, for a unique experience in Water Culture and its healing properties.

These episodes take us on a journey to places of:

  • breathtaking scenery, art and architecture,
  • healthy and appetizing local foods, as well as
  • fascinating historical and medicinal foundations.

Healing Waters and Baths of Europe is proud to announce the program is now a member of RRTV Network's Live TV lineup.


Tune-in to one of the growing number of satellite broadcast channels to learn about the many destinations of therapeutic water culture. Or visit RRTV.com to see schedules and program content.

Through our partnership with RRTV, Healing Waters is currently reaching over 60 million homes on the East Coast of the United States